San Diego, California

Downtown San Diego, California – San Diego providing me with car goals I didn’t even know I had. Hey @lb__21 wanna fix one of these bad boys up for me??
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Downtown San Diego – Sandbox Venue

Downtown San Diego, California – business marketing made simple by @basicbananas @sandboxvenue ___________________________________
🏷 Events made easy in downtown San Diego: Large Venue + Gated Parking + Technology + Amenities. Minutes from the #sandiegoconventioncenter. Contact us 📩 info@sdbox.co
🏷 FOLLOW @sandboxvenue to find out about upcoming events and special offers.
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Downtown San Diego – Union Cowork East Village

Downtown San Diego, California – ARE YOU READY TO LIVE A LIFE OF PLEASURE, PASSION, PURPOSE, AND HAPPINESS? ✅ Do you want to unlock your purpose?
✅ Feel more gratitude?
✅ Grow in your career?
✅ Develop stronger relationships?
✅ Be happier at work and at home?

Most people spend their entire lives chasing that “one thing” they think they need to be happy, to discover when they get it, they aren’t any happier than they were before they got it.. This workshop will teach you why this is and actionable strategies to obtain and sustain more happiness in your life.

Join us October 11th, 2018 from 10:00am – 6:00pm for a full day of activities that will transform your career, your company, and your personal life!
Creating Your Intention Statements
Discovering the 1st Component of Happiness
Discovering the 2nd Component of Happiness
Discovering the 3rd Component of Happiness
Discovering the 4th Component of Happiness
Understanding The 3 Types Of Happiness
After Hours Networking will take place from 4:00pm-6:00pm where you can connect with others and share your experiences in a relaxed and authentic way!

The first 10 people to purchase tickets will receive a 25 minute massage from Andres, owner of Essential Massage San Diego!

Klyn Elsbury speaks about the some of the latest research and scientifically proven practices that determine our level of happiness and fulfillment (and how you can apply it to your career or company). As it turns out, continual research proves that our life circumstance, genetics, and economic situation effect our sense of well being far less than previously believed. In fact, there are many simple daily practices and key insights that will make our life more enjoyable and fulfilling that go well beyond the traditional “positive thinking” approach.

This workshop digs deeply into the most effective, proven practices that alter our mental circuitry to create a heightened sense of awareness and well-being. And from it is from state, we are able to become more creative, thoughtful, and effective at whatever we choose as our life’s purpose.


As a philanthropist, through her work with Colton Underwood’s Legacy Foundation

Downtown San Diego – University Club

Downtown San Diego, California – 🚨 There is nothing wrong with wanting the “biggest building” in town, just make sure it doesn’t come at someone else’s expense🚨
Don’t ever allow your need for progression make you feel like you need to do it by stepping over those around you! See, when you allow yourself to hurt others in order to meet your own desires it is the day that you have completely lost it all! ✅ .
Focus on working alongside incredible people who believe and have the same vision you do and do it TOGETHER! You will go much farther 🙌🏼
💥@frank.huerta 💥

Downtown San Diego – Downtown San Diego

Downtown San Diego, California – 🚨 Become fearless on the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire 🚨
If you only knew the feeling that you get when you overcome an obstacle that is “holding you back” 💥 don’t let those self imposed limitations control your outcome and your life! 🙅🏻‍♂️ you only get one shot at this, make sure that you don’t ever look back and say “I wish I could have just gone for it” 💯
The world 🌎 will remember you, you just have to be someone worth remembering ✅ – Frank Huerta

La Mesa, California

Priveledged to get the invite to #ride with the @pedalpushing crew last night! Great route and swell company. Thanks guys! #sandiego #downtownsd #sandiegolocals #sandiegocounty #sandiegoca – posted by pattycakestours Tags: gaslampquarter,rideyourbike,thursdaymotivation,entrepreneurlife,sandiegofitness,gaslampdistrict,entrepreneur,sandiego,bikes,fun,entrepreneurship,blessed,swell,downtownsandiego,specialized,podcast,thursday,cycling,connectexploreshare,friends,ride,gaslampsandiego,groupride,company Location: La Mesa, California


Paint out loud!! The colors on the wall changed shape and color to imitate movement. Perhaps this was one of my favorite parts of Wonderspaces! #sandiego #downtownsd #sandiegolocals #sandiegocounty #sandiegoca – posted by klynelsbury Tags: inspire,cysticfibrosis,wonderspaces,girlboss,art,writer,65roses,klynelsbury,entrepreneur,gratitude,wonderspacessandiego,celebration,friendshipgoals,smile,artexhibition,female,habit,downtownsandiego,speaker,motivate,motivated,inspired,laughter,advice,purpose,love,happiness,goals,career Location: Wonderspaces

San Diego, California

There’s something to be said for gratitude 🙏 Love what you have 💕 Stop waiting for that I’m”thing” you think you need to be happy. Happiness is now. #sandiego #downtownsd #sandiegolocals #sandiegocounty #sandiegoca – posted by klynelsbury Tags: love,gratitude,celebration,downtownsandiego,bodypositivity,female,friendshipgoals,speaker,entrepreneur,65roses,inspired,purpose,cysticfibrosis,girlboss,laughter,motivated,motivate,habit,grateful,smile,writer,wonderspaces,happiness,lightdisplay,klynelsbury,inspire,bodypositive,artexhibition,wonderspacessandiego Location: San Diego, California